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Premiere! Open Infra has deployed the first customers to our full fibre optics in the UK

Open Infra takes on new territory in England and offers an open full fibre network, something that is new to the British people.

Open Infra started investigating the fiber market in England at the beginning of 2022 and now in September 2022, the first customers have received a link and are connected to a fast fibre network. England’s fibre market is about 10 years behind Swedens and the British people seem to like the open fibre network that we have with us.

-England is like when we started the company in Sweden around 2009, when we started in Österskär, north of Stockholm. Then we got to explain how open networks work, about how we invite all service providers to offer their services – and above all that the customer should be able to choose who they want to buy their broadband service from. It is the same business model that we are now marketing in England, but also for a while now in Germany and the USA, says Johan Sundberg, founder and CEO of Open Infra.

On site in England, Open Infra has its Swedish staff to pass on knowledge and experience from the Swedish fibre market. Tobias Uller is CEO of Open Infra in the UK and has extensive experience of fiber expansion in Sweden.

“We expect to build infrastructure for around 4,000 new fibre customers in this first area, which is a bit north of London. The interest in fibre and an open fibre network is great, everyone has greeted us with great interest and curiosity”, says Tobias Uller, CEO of Open Infra UK.

“Now we are expanding to more british areas and expanding our presence with domestic staff and building up an organization that can handle the great interest in fibre in the UK”, says Tobias Uller.