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How it works

Full fibre optics is the new infrastructure for all your internet needs. This is a completely new infrastructure that needs to be physically brought from the data centre all the way to your home.


The first step is to do a thorough survey of the area. The purpose of the survey is to make sure that we can connect your property at a reasonable cost and time span. This also includes designing a preliminary network of your area, the construction needed, and the permits required.

Step 01


Step 02


Step 03

Detailed design

Step 04

Construction and installation

Step 05

It's go time!

Fibre to your home

When you are ready

Everything starts with your interest. We take care of the rest.

01 Registration

The first step of the journey is to understand what full fibre is going to mean for you. Whether it is through you contacting us or getting a knock on the door from one of our representatives. You will be presented with the timeline and process of connecting your home as well as the financial details. We will answer all questions surrounding your full fibre connection.

02 Decision

When a sufficient amount of your neighbours have registered we will inform everyone in the area that the decision to commence the buildout has been made and that the fibre is on its way.

03 Detailed design

Once the buildout is confirmed, a detailed design of the area is drawn. The project will be done primarily through existing PIA (Physical Infrastructure Access). When needed, it can also include manual digging and directional drilling. This is always done with the utmost respect and care for both your property and the surrounding nature.

04 Construction and installation

We’re almost there! The construction team can be seen in your area.
– The first step of the construction is to first build the main network for the entire neighbourhood.
– An appointment will be set with you to decide together how to install the fibre into your house. This is the only time you need to be home.
– Now our operations centre can activate your fibre connection and you are all set!

05 It's go time!

Now everything is done. Your home is future proofed and your digital infrastructure is capable of handling everything that may come your way. This is where the fun begins! You will now have access to the internet at the speed of light.

Stressless Fibre